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I can't count how many times Denis and I have been hanging out at the bar after hours, smoking medicinal DMT, and talking about how great it would be to get back to our roots, and I wonder if reality TV is just the way to chronicle our return. Denis actually used to be a top contender in the high stakes underground international competitive male belly dancing scene. Unfortunately he witnessed his close friend and sensei killed at the notoriously deadly Bangkok Belly Dance Off games of 86'. Instead of vengeance, Denis had sworn off competitive belly dancing. Until now. Now that competitive male belly dancing has made a comeback into the mainstream, he has his chance to make his sensei proud. I'm thinking a sponsorship by Popeye's fried chicken and maybe bringing back Hi-C Ecto Cooler re-labeled as a sports energy drink.

As an ex championship co-ed underage bare-knuckle cage fighter, I always thought my days in the ring were over. Especially after what happened in 'querque. Now maybe this is my chance to get back into the circuit. I'd like to set up a few product placements with my "Better Living Through Tequila" self-help health series, but besides that I'm up for anything. I already don't have any chest or facial hair, so we just come up with a fake birth certificate and bam!

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